Eric and the Adams
CD - Eric and the Adams
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CD - Just As I Am
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Kenny Springs
CD - On My Knees
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10 Depp
CD - Crystal Staircase
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CD - Corazon
Don Irving
CD - Northern Lights
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The Reeding Room
CD - Bedtime Bible Series
The Story of Joseph
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Mathis White
(featuring Joshua Lutz)

CD - A Quiet Moment
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The Original "Gospel Sounds"
CD - The Time is Now
web - GospelSounds. info
The King's Heralds
CD - Hymn Sessions
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Kevin Stancil presents
Eudokeu  The Ministry
CD - Ultimate Sincerity
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The Cardiologist (M.F. HI-C PH.D.)
CD - Officially Tomorrow
web - YouTube

Tessa Rae Newman
CD: Spellbound
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Mom Winans
CD: Delores Mom Winan's "Hymns from My Heart"
Roland Gresham
CD's: Gospel Jazz Collection, Score and Scriptures, Melodies From Heaven, The Christmas Song
Daniel Clark Turner
CD's: Daniel Clark Turner, The Only Rational Act
Website: CD Baby
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Harvey Lee
CD's: Begin, Love Divine
Website: CD Baby
CD's: LB True Story
Website: Myspace
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Big Boss & LB
CD's: Tha' Intro
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Rick and Stacy DeLima
CD: Dick Stacy

N2O Eric Dennis (Let's Get Our Groove On) Promise (Dreams)
Frederick & Erica Barr
CD's: "I Promised"
Eric Dennis
CD: Let's Get Our Groove On
Website: MySpace
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CD: Dreams

Brandon Gunter (War About Love) Kenny Davis Kathleen Lague Cacophoney (Experimental Nature)
Brandon Guther
CD: War About Love
Website: CDBaby
Kenny Davis
CD: Kenny Davis
Kathleen Lague
CD: Kathleen Lague
CD: Experimental Nature

Melissa Lewis (Simple Life)
Melissa Lewis
CD: Simple Life
Spock's Beard Local Orbit
CD: The Race for Space
Terry G. Reed
CD's: 57 Street, The Film of Eternity
Website: Classic Coupe Music

10 Depp
CD: In This Life of Mine
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Laurie & Regina
CD: Our Praise
Mildred Murphy
CD: My God is Real
Rob Hawkins
CD: Stompin' Ground
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CD: Simone'
Delene Andre
CD: Start a Fire in the Rain
Greg Mainus
CD: Greg Mainus
The Elect Crew
CD: Vol. 1

Bob Gatewood (Finally Home)
CD: Passenger (GMA Dove Award)
MP3 Sample
Monique Hawkins
CD: Learning
Bob Gatewood
CD: Finally Home
Felix Wiley

Michael Weatherman Jeremy Page (Rouge Nation)
Michael Weatherman
CD: Michael Weatherman
Secret Gossip
CD: Music for the P.M.
Jeremy Page
CD: Rouge Nation
Michael Morton
CD" Michael Morton

In Rare Form Ruth Choate (Straight From My Heart To You) Delia (Whole Again)
In Rare Form
CD: Acapella Act I
MP3 Sample
Ruth Choate
CD: Straight From My Heart To You
Brett Barry
CD: Gathering Stone
MP3 Sample
CD: Whole Again