N' Rare Form - Fill Me Now Daniel Clark Turner- Rational Act

Felix Wiley- Early hours

Passenger - Passenger (GMA Award Winner)

Brett Barry - Psalm 23

Calvin - Little West Texas Town
Rob Hawkins
- I'll Give You That
Miss Stacy - Virginia
Anastasia - Groove On

Silly Boyz- Do You Wanna  Fly

Kenny Davis - Your Grace

Stephen Copeland- Everything

Eudokeu - Free
Frederick and Erica Barr

God Will take Care of You


Roland Gresham- My Favorite Things Jack's BBQ
Tokyo Disney
Stacy D. Sampler
Scotty Vanity - I Wanna Do Your Make-up
Strange Company-
Lois Lane
Stace Case
- Breathless
Tessa Rae Newman- Barbie Doll Syndrome
Angela Martinez - I Need to Remember
Brandon Gunter
- Jealous
Stace Case - I'm Sorry
LB - Hey, Hey

10 Depp - Shake It

Los - Ablidged
- Don't Be Jealous
N2O - Friend

Dead Sun - Get Up Stand Up

Jeremy Page - Don't Say Goodbye

Ray Pitts - Not That Way